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"To Whom It May Concern:  I'm writing this letter in regards to Steve Firey and Firey Ranch.  I've had my horse, Spice, boarded at his ranch for seven years.  She has had excellent care and never has had any problems.  Steve is committed to take the best possible care of the animals placed at his ranch.  I have always found him to be a trustworthy and honest Christian.  Steve cares for the animals as though they belong to him.  He always goes the extra mile and I am thankful I have found a place where I can be confident that my horse, Spice, is well taken care of."  -  Roma M.


"My two Arabian horses have been living happily at Firey Ranch for 3 years.  The care given by Steve Firey is wonderful.  The horses enjoy a nice pasture, they are fed regularly and always have fresh water.  Steve is always great about letting me know if there is anything they need.  Steve is also happy to help me with the horses when we have a veterinary visit or any other time I need assistance.  I am happy with the care the horses receive at Firey Ranch, and it's such a blessing to be able to leave town and not worry about their care.  I would recommend Firey Ranch to anyone wanting a natural, caring environment to board horses."  -  Meredith L.


"I have always been very pleased with the care my horse receives at Firey Ranch.  It's very quiet and with the owner living at the entrance to the ranch, I never worry about my horse's safety or my belongings.  The few (very few) times my horse has minorly injured himself, I have been notified that day.  The barn and fencing the horses have access to or contact with are very safe in design and the boarding rates are less than everywhere else I looked (that offered comparable services, including the ideal pasture boarding I want for my horse).  Can't say enough about how pleased I have been in my years boarding at Firey Ranch."  -  Lexi A.


"The Firey Ranch has had our horses for many years now.  They have always shown kindness and care to everyone of them.  They are compassionate beyond what would be expected from a boarding facility.  I do not have to worry about the care they receive - we know how they are treated.  The facility is well kept and they know the unique habits of each horse in the facility.  Not only are they concerned with the well-being of the animals, they are friendly and always welcoming to the owners of the horses they board.  I just want to say that anyone who is considering boarding facilities, you are looking at the right one.  They are great!"  -  Kim H.

























































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